Convex mirrors are not only found in streets, parking lots, and driveways, you may find these types of mirrors in stores, large shopping centers, in the office, in warehouses, and other business centers. The purpose of using convex mirrors is not limited to traffic where you can easily decide to buy a convex driveway mirror, but several business or company owners invest this type of mirror for safety and security.

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What makes installing convex mirror an advantage?

The efficiency of the convex mirror when it comes to safety and security lies in its overall structure. The convex mirrors are curved mirrors but the used reflective part is where the bulge surface is. Do not be confused with convex with concave; convex is the outward bulging surface, while the concave is the inward surface of a bulging mirror.


The focus of convex mirror is wide; unlike the usual mirror and the concave type of mirror, the convex center and focus of the curvature are the imagery points inside the mirror, which means it does not have focal length value. In a simpler explanation, since the light does not pass through the object location, on viewer’s perspective, the object can appear to diverge from a particular location in the space; meaning, the viewer would see a clear reproduction or replica of the object at its exact location.

Why is it a tool for safety and security?

There are lots of good info and reasons why a business owner should invest convex mirror at their store, office, company, more; two of these good reasons are for everybody’s safety and security. More than that, here it is the other reasons why you should invest one for your business’ benefit.

Reason #1: It gives the store manager a large viewing angle

If you have noticed stores with a large mirror installed at the ceiling, those are for security purposes. Do not be confused with the reasons of using security camera and the reason for using this type of security tool; both have a great impact to your store’s safety and security. But did you know that owning a convex mirror allows your store manager to see all shoppers’ agenda, fast and easy?


Unlike using security cameras, you have to check every security camera’s projection just to catch thieves or shoplifters; however, with large convex mirror, you will be able to catch them in real-time.

Reason #2: Secures your ATM-money withdrawal

If you have noticed, ATMs have mirrors on top of the machine and is facing towards you; this is to secure your money-withdrawing transaction, where it enables you to see people behind you that look suspicious, even if you are inside a well-secured store.


Reason #3: It can help you view critical areas

Security cameras have backsides and one of them is its inability to secure footages at the smallest and critical part of the store; convex mirror, on the other hand, can give you clear image at a small and crucial area in the store.


Final Words

There are a lot of good reasons why adding a convex mirror, as one of your security equipment, is an advantage for your store’s safety and security; all you need to do is find the right convex mirror that will fit your store’s needs.

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